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Millennium is:

  • A Paradox

    A small agency with big clients. Full-service, but à la carte. Techy, but creative. Disciplined, but open-minded.

  • Shock Proof

    A multi-layered system of checks and balances. True north strategy. Detailed UX design. Unforgiving QA. We hate surprises. But when they happen, we stay cool and keep course.

  • Elite Partnerships

    We exchange brain cells with some of the world's most innovative design, advertising and consulting companies, including Big Spaceship, Droga5 and Frog.

  • A SuperHost

    There’s hosting and then there’s global hosting for the world's largest purveyor of baked goods and a Fortune 100 financial firm. They’ve been with Millennium for decades.

  • Ahh… Culture

    Agency culture is a funny thing. It just is. You don’t force it. If a new hire thinks a hot sauce shot contest is weird, we just give 'em time.

Who we work with

We’ve done a lot of cool, creative stuff with great clients across CPG, financial, manufacturing, spirits and more. Interested in who they are?

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