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Our philosophy

It's been said that marketing is part science, part art. The same can be said for social media, which both challenges and affirms that statement, pushing the definition of marketing, itself, to the brink—and maybe a little bit beyond. Its story is an unending evolution of integrated creative and connectivity in the digital space that explodes the boundaries of what can be shared, targeted, tracked and measured.

At Millennium, we're committed to the mastery of the technical side of social media (the science), while improving the human drivers of engagement (the art) so that our work reflects a perfect confluence of both. By relentlessly refining both ends of the medium, the engaging, exciting and emotional connection is supported by insight-driven strategy that feeds the cycle of analytics.

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Why clients come to us

Simply put, social media is the Wild West, and we're the sheriff. Our engagements solve problems, and leverage opportunity. We don't obsess over the meaningless stuff—our obsession is the type of interaction that strengthens consumer relationships and drives business. Engagement without purpose is prattle.

What sets Millennium apart from other digital agencies

Our partners entrust us with a wide range of marketing and technical responsibilities, both digital and analog, binary and breathing. Our experience makes us better at connecting, leveraging and amplifying the different communications, technologies and consumer touchpoint that comprise their brand universe.

Some marketers love the freedom and vitality of social media, some love the structure and uniquely trackable metrics. We operate at this fertile intersection, combining the emotional intimacy of social engagement with measurable business insights and results.

Our history

Over the last ten years, Millennium has been at the forefront of the social media revolution. From 140 to 240 characters, 15-second to 1-minute videos, Facebook Walls to Timelines, we've seen it all and done it all. Successfully, might we add. Back in the early aughts, we jumped in and held our clients' hands when they dipped their first toe into the stream. Today, we aggressively navigate the roaring rapids of the social web to give our clients and their audiences a remarkable, safe and memorable journey. While the rules, opportunities and players change daily, our passion and commitment to foster brand love and business-driving engagement remains constant. Always part of an integrated mix, social has been a lead or support channel for everything from introducing our clients to the world for the first time to celebrating 100 years of serving their consumers. In all cases, we are unwaivering in creating authentic, brand experiences that move needles while nurturing a growing community of like-minded consumers.

Community management

Social media gives brands an opportunity to humanize themselves and bring a personal and emotional element to their bond with the consumer. Consumers know when they're receiving an automated response, and appreciate a customized answer to their inquiry, compliment, or complaint even more because of it. They expect timely and personal responses, no matter the nature of their comment. Millennium monitors its clients' pages frequently over the course of a day, 365 days a year. Comments warranting response are always addressed during the same day. Comments left late at night should be addressed as soon as possible the following day.

Optimizing paid media strategy

Our paid media strategy is goal-oriented and insight driven. At Millennium we have a “fail quickly” philosophy. We believe that testing and learning produces the best results and stress to our clients that it's not just about reaching their audience—it's about shifting perceptions and changing behaviors. We resist the allure of clickbait content that simply exists to get that like or share, but doesn't really align with consumer insights. Content of that nature may get the viral attention, but if it's not tailored around or relevant to your specific audience, then it's not doing its job.

Content strategy

Understanding the different purposes that each social platform fulfills is the driving force behind our content strategy. We know that your consumer on Pinterest is not your whole consumer, and thus believe that content should be specifically tailored for each platform, not only in format, but also in objective. We start with your goals in mind and from there develop a content strategy that leverages the unique potential for success on each social channel. Because each social channel serves a different purpose, it's likely that your fans are following your brand on more than one social channel. They may look to you for inspiration and beautiful imagery on Pinterest and Instagram, while following you on Facebook and Twitter for brand news and product deals. That being said, if your current content strategy consists of syndicating the same piece of content across multiple channels you may want to start thinking about diversification.

Sandboxes we play in

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Home and Garden

Companies we play well with

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We play well with other agencies too

We know our business. Many of our clients rely upon us for end-to-end social media solutions that optimize their entire marketing presence. But when our clients come to us already engaged with great agency partners we don't get territorial. Instead, we leap into the mix to build on one another's work for awesome experiences and results. Some of our most satisfying work has come from collaborations with agency partners. Whether we're handling it all, playing a leadership role or as part of a broader team, we know how to deliver what matters—results that move your business forward.

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