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Our Work - Grupo Bimbo One kit to rule them all.

Ever try to herd cats? Try herding 16 brands in 19 countries speaking three different languages—fun, right? That’s what global baking leader, Grupo Bimbo, faced as they assessed their brands’ disparate and decentralized web presence, across the globe.

Grupo Bimbo brands Grupo Bimbo brands

Further, how might they empower their brands to retain their unique personalities and geographical import while enforcing some semblance of unified standards and practices across the board? And did we mention their need to centralize hosting infrastructure, as well?

Piece of cake, right? Wrong. Super wrong. So wrong that we had to roll up our sleeves, do a near-lethal amount of hot sauce shots, and figure it all out together methodically, step by step. But engineering order from chaos is what we do, no matter how tall the order.

The task was downright imposing: We’d build a single tool that could be deployed throughout the company by associates of varying degrees of technical skill. It would facilitate compliance among disparate geographies and languages while safeguarding brand consistency and compliance site to site. And it would provide predictable and assured control over the code base and content management process.

We kept hammering at it until that was exactly what we succeeded in building. Internally, we call it the "CPG Base," but our clients call it a time saver and a stress squasher.

Starter kit template Starter kit template

Our CPG Base code was built on best practices from the start, ensuring that consistency, compliance, security, privacy, and accessibility were built-in from the ground up. Accessibility, of course, doesn't stop with the code. Our team worked closely with the various brand design teams to review their work to help ensure it passed WCAG 2.0 (and eventually 2.1) AA standards for the US and Canada.

Graphic of an example of a ADA WCAG testing assessment on a webpag

In the end, we delivered rock solid, compliant, accessible and beautiful brand sites for our client, before the deadline.

Not only was the solution the "one ring to rule them all," but its elegance, compliance, and simplicity created huge efficiencies for Grupo Bimbo. Could we have approached it in a more conventional (and, incidentally, more lucrative for us) manner? Of course. But at Millennium, our bottom line isn't always the bottom line. Doing it the right way and delivering more for Grupo Bimbo made better sense for them AND us. And it's been a smash.

To see some of the sites we’ve developed with our GPG Base code, click on one of the logos below:


That’s why we say CPG Base is Engineered for awesome