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There’s a special kind of magic that occurs when strategy and creativity are synthesized with powerful technology. Awesome things happen.

Whether it’s accelerating your brand’s time to market, or delivering unique and consistent omnichannel content experiences, Millennium can help you design, build, scale, host, protect, maintain, transform and transcend your brand’s digital presence. If you’re looking to innovate, invigorate, or just put your ROI pedal to the metal, we make it happen—reliably, and with less risk.

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Our approach to technology

Everybody has the same tools in the toolbox—security protocols, cloud platforms, best-of-breed tech. But, it’s how we apply, supervise and tune each technology to maximize 360° visibility in a cluttered media landscape that sets us apart. What’s more, regulatory risk and cyber criminality can ruin the party in a hurry—which is why our team also builds protections around every project we undertake. Yeah, we do it all without breaking a sweat. With an engineering philosophy that pervades every component of development, it’s simply how we are wired.

We listen, set goals, prioritize, define, implement and proactively monitor your digital existence, 24/7. We amplify what’s working, and fix what isn’t. We’d rather innovate a trend than follow one, and everything we create has a legitimate reason for being. We also commit to keeping you informed through the entire process—we always want you to know what, how, and why we’re doing what we do because, let’s face it, some of this stuff is just plain awesome to see in action.


Managed Hosting

Millennium is a managed security service provider (MSSP) that helps organizations design, secure, scale and supervise their digital presence. Further, the many failsafe protections we employ make sensitive PII data, brand reputation risk, cybersecurity issues, etc., worry free with vigilant built-in protections through all digital marketing endpoints.

Our managed hosting and security services deliver hassle-free “compliance ready” methodologies to protect your brand online. Whether you host in Millennium’s private hosting cloud, or another third-party cloud (i.e. Amazon, Azure, etc.), our services enable you to easily meet SOX, PCI, GLBA, HIPPA and/or GDPR cloud compliance requirements.

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  • Cloud hosting and CDN
  • Disaster recovery
  • Geographically separated hosting centers
  • Firewall and load balanced traffic handling
  • Compliance Auditing
  • DevOps


Security Technology Services

Security technology is a fluid category, so we’ve made a total commitment to staying on the leading edge of every quadrant and corner of the digital universe. Add OWASP Security scans (DAST/SAST), engineering and technology road map planning, IT technology, helpdesk, and related support services, and you’ll realize there isn’t a base we leave uncovered when it comes to security.

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  • Security is built-in, not added-on
  • Mature, time tested models
  • Winning every zero-day patch race

App Development

App Development

As a strategy-driven application developer, Millennium brings the full power of our creativity, imagination and technical prowess to bear with each project. Working collaboratively with our clients, we create paths that address real world business objectives with a wide variety of web and mobile applications that educate and drive engagement in new and innovative ways. Our build once, publish many methodology ensures consistency across platforms and more efficient time-to-market.

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  • AR/VR
  • API integration
  • iOS and Android development
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Proper data analytics is like removing the curtain between you and your customers' impulses, preferences, and behaviors, yielding a world of insights and potent engagement methodologies. Whether you are looking to build and monitor traffic, create dimensional audience profiles, or regionalize and personalize your marketing, there is no substitute for solid data analytics. With it, you can anticipate customer behavior to create laser focused experiences by blending data with algorithmic intelligence aimed at audiences most receptive to your message.

  • Multivariate testing
  • Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Bing Tools
  • Tag architecture
  • Forensic analytics
  • Retargetting & Funnels


Digital Campaign Support

Digital campaigns typically have a lot of moving parts, and each plays a critical role in the efficacy of the overall communication. If one thing fails or underperforms, the entire campaign suffers. So we construct each campaign with reliable security and privacy protocols, diligent measurement through analytics, and predictable, easy-to-follow scheduling features pre, during and post launch. Our meticulous process ensures maximum uptime and efficient hosting for fast delivery of assets (such as video), or any other custom component of your campaign. That includes staying on top of the ever-evolving social media campaign platforms, technologies and features (like Facebook Livestream).

  • Social API integration
  • Personalization, Geo targeting & Geo fencing
  • Beacon, NFC technology

Promotional Marketing Support

Promotional Marketing Support

Successful promotional marketing can be measured in the integrity of the results including fraud prevention, rule enforcement, auditable forensics, and staying vigilantly one step ahead of the the fraudsters and scammers. We’ve become so good at identifying and blocking “patterned behaviors” that we can see them coming a mile away, even creating Bayesian filters to scrub the attacks before they can reach our databases. Further, we can implement things like one-time unique entrant or coupon codes for additional security, but still be promotionally viable enough to ensure emails avoid spam designation to make it safely into your customer’s inbox.

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  • Email reputation defense
  • SPF, DCIM, DMARC for secure email delivery
  • Fast, efficient code
  • Vertically and horizontally scaled server resources
  • On-the-fly performance enhancements

Web Development

Web Development

Great creative is always table stakes for web marketing, but even the best massaging and front-end code will fail if your back end isn’t properly integrated. That means database architecture and development, custom code development with the most popular and stable open source languages, and putting it all together with rock solid MVC methodology. We've developed in all models: Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid. And with languages like Cold Fusion, .NET, PHP, Java, PERL, C, C++, Javascript, Angular, React—we speak more languages than a UN interpreter. And we love frameworks like Symfony and Silex because, well, they get the official Millennium stamp of awesome. We track and document it all with Jira and Confluence to make your back end as accurate and predictable as a Swiss watch.

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  • RESTful web services
  • Clean, efficient code via development frameworks and MVC
  • Agile development practices
  • CDN integration
  • Legacy ERP, CRM and API integration
  • Accessibility development best practices


Content Management Systems

A content management system (or “CMS”) is software that allows low-barrier, easily implementable systems for creating, editing, organizing and publishing content on your own. We empower our clients to take control of their own digital content (even ensuring ADA compliance), and we’ve been doing it for a quarter century. We started building our own systems and then moved on to augmenting and expanding great open source tools, as well. We’ve become experts in Drupal (we regularly contribute to the community, as well), but we’ve played in a plethora of open source sandboxes over the years: Ubuntu, Umbraco, SiteCore, MODx, Wordpress, Magento. Heck, we even work with legacy AS400 systems to custom build CRM’s, connecting them to modern CMSs like Drupal 8.

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  • Headless CMS development
  • Secure content access via two-factor user authentication
  • Post-launch code, content, and security maintenance
  • Accessibiity built-in

Our Work Grupo Bimbo

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Grupo Bimbo Drupal Starter Kit

Our Work Mill-Max

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