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AI-generated game!

Why did we do this?

We're fascinated by new technologies and while there is amazing tech around every corner these days, nothing has captured our imagination like AI. What we wanted to know was can AI build a game from scratch. One that had simple gameplay, could keep score, and allow for sharing? Could it level up? Could AI code in a standard language and build a responsive experience?

We wanted answers, so we set out on a journey using tools like ChatGPT4, MidJourney, and Adobe's new Generative AI feature, Firefly. What we found was nothing short of amazing. AI could indeed code the game and create the graphics.

But wait...could it take our jobs?! The short answer is "No"—a human is still needed to prompt and guide. The AI made mistakes, forgot things, and rewrote code that didn't need to be rewritten. While AI is getting smarter (and smarter) right now, in 2024, it still needs a human touch to get it right. We'll be posting updates throughout the year as we release blog posts and videos showing exactly what and how we did it. So if you want to get notified when we post, join our newsletter!