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Food Challenges

From the spicy to the stinky, to the downright icky, we never back down from a food challenge. Here are snapshots from some of our most memorable over the years.

A letter from hot sauce enthusiast, Sean Evans.
A box of three hot sauces from Heatonist.
The gang toasts their chips to the latest hot sauce challenge.
Pat inspects the bottle of hot sauce as Shaq waits for his share.
The gang gets ready to take a bite.
Todd and Jim are weary of the Durian fruit.
Warren and Heema prepare to eat a piece of the Durian fruit.
The gang toasts with their Durian fruit.
Harun cuts into the Durian fruit, the smelliest fruit in the world. We’re serious, look it up.
A lot of nervous looks as the group prepares to eat a slice of Durian.
Dodd holds up a bottle of hot sauce.
Warren dips his chip in some hot sauce.
Mike G. reaches for a chip.
David R. takes a bite of his chip.
A spread of chips, guac, and hot sauce are set up for tasting.
Four bottles of hot sauce are lined up for taste testing.
Warren pours some hot sauce on his chip.
Chuck checks out the bottle of hot sauce.
Alex dips a celery stick into some hot sauce.
Todd enjoys some White Castle French fries.
Nick mulls over his choices in the White Castle challenge.
The aftermath of our White Castle challenge.
JJ chows down on a White Castle burger.
Nick R., Shaq, and John L. enjoy the White Castle feast.
Ana needs a glass of water after trying one of our hot sauces.
A line up of our favorite hot sauces with a plate of chips.
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