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Facets — That which defines us

Glimpses into the building blocks of unique personalities beyond the usual nine to five schedule.

Photographs reproduced by kind permission of Mervin McDougall.
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"Busy bee" may be an understatement when describing Theresa.
Pat has always been inspired by Steve Jobs and that has only increased over the years.
"Some women buy shoes, others buy bags, I buy glasses."
Jim's story is one of two extremes.
Harun is an artist who sources his creativity from varied life influences.
Chuck's first exposure to digital design was using digital design software on a Mac.
Michael is a builder at heart.
Jeff has a degree in political science, as displayed in both his oratory and leadership skills.
Guaranteed you've never met anyone who is as addicted to gaming as JJ.
It is quite obvious that Nick's favorite superhero is Superman.
Sarah has artistry running through her veins.
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