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Millennium Celebrates it's 25th

Millennium's anniversary party at Matthew's Restaurant, Fire Island, New York. 2018.

The Millennium Team
Pat Macri with Fan Club
David Denara and Mervin McDougal
Nick Rattenni and JJ Gembinski
David Denara and Nathan Harris
Sarah Coffey, Mervin McDougal, and Harun '5' Eggelton
Pat Macri, Shaq Saillant, and Aliya Ladha
John Hollywood, Nick Lundy, Carolyn, and Lauren Lundy
Pat Macri and Warren Melnick
Pat and Theresa Macri
Emcee, Theresa, gets the party going
Former SMM&M partner, Charlie MacLeod roasts Pat with stories of his past extravagances
Charlie and Cathy MacLeod, Theresa and Pat, Patty Berwald, Leer and Laura Leary
Leer and Laura Leary telling tales of past Ad Club shenanigans
Patty Berwald describes her role in developing Millennium’s first brand identity
Jay Brenner ripping Pat to shreds about just about everything they did together in the 1980’s
Jay had MUCH to say and the crowd liked it!
Pat thanking all his special guests and toasting the best team of professionals in Millennium’s 25-year history
Pat doing what he does best—toasting!
Readying oyster shots with the hot pepper-infused Tequila
Let’s Do It Again!
Chuck Killorin, Mike Bisesti, and Sarah Coffey
Jim Conte, David Denara, Nick Rattenni, Mervin McDougall, and Warren Melnick
Chuck and Jenn showing off AWESOME T-Shirt backs
Nick Lundy, John Hollywood, and Jenn Calvi
Alexandra Toth, Nate Harris and Jeff Gaylord
Dawn Olsen, Heema Rajkarnikar, Fareed Tanveer, Jenn Calvi and Lucille Teichman
Aliya Ladha, Shaquille Saillant, and JJ Gembinski
Mike Bisesti, Todd Robertson, JJ Gembinski, Nick Rattenni, Shaquille Saillant, and Harun Eggleton
Lisa D’Elia and Harun Eggleton
Our 'Social Engineers', Adam and Annie had their hands full with our crew all afternoon
Mervin telling Alex, 'like it is'
Roland Pratt, Lauren Lundy, and Sarah Coffey
John Leary and Leer Leary – Brothers from other Mothers
A Little Dice Action with Fire Island friend, Vin Fazio
More Dice Action with Fire Island friends, Vin Fazio, and Ian Levine
Jay Brenner, Charlie MacLeod and Laura Leary
Patty Berwald, Pat Macri, and Todd Robertson
Nick Rattenni, JJ Gembinski, Pat, Jay Brenner and Warren Melnick
Charlie MacLeod, Pat, Patty Berwald and Laura Leary
Jenn Calvi and Dawn Olsen
Jenn Calvi, Pat Macri and Dawn Olsen
This is the end… NOT!
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