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Millennium's 25 Years of Awesome

Join us as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, as well as all the people, places, and things that got us here. Over the next year we’ll be celebrating in both big and small ways, and we encourage you to check in to enjoy all the fun!

The early years: 1990’sAs a small agency, we felt lucky to afford 500GB of disk space on a server we aptly named "Big Boy."

Pat Macri’s Holiday MemoriesI don’t know what was worse in 2002: my holiday rendition of Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone or duo with John singing Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer.

Pat Macri's Holiday MemoriesOur '99 holiday party was at Windows on the World atop the World Trade Center. This is one of my most poignant memories in 25 years.

Awesome Memories...Remember when the web was filled with crazy animated GIFs?

Wait. It. Still. Is.

The early years: 1990’sWe used to bring in our own toilet paper because our landlord only gave us 4 rolls per month for the multiple office bathroom on our floor.

Pat Macri’s Holiday MemoriesAfter my usual holiday speech at the 2004 holiday party, a stranger walked over and said; “that was a nice speech and by the way, you have a lovely overbite” – DOH!

The early years: 1990’sWe used ”sneaker net“ in our Glen Cove office to share files, as we didn’t have a network yet!

Awesome Memories...Remember when 56k was fast? And if you had a dedicated ISDN line you were godlike?

The early years: 1990’sWe used to take turns taking out the garbage and vacuuming the office because as a Start-up we couldn’t afford a cleaning service.

The early years: 1990’sOur phone system wasn’t a “system” at all. We had one incoming line shared by 8 people!

The early years: 1990’sWe didn’t have a copy machine so we ran down the street to Minute Man Press several times a day with a bag of quarters!

Awesome Memories...Remember when “Skip Intros” were awesome?

Until they weren’t.

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